hot girls and panties

thanks for 2000 followers =) crazy how many people share the same interest as I do haha

Anonymous asked: panty

What is up with people sending me asks with like one word “panty” “schoolgirl” “ass” like how am I supposed to respond to that?

Anonymous asked: Why do you like panties so much? I too love them, but don't understand why.

Well I like panties bc it keeps things interesting. If you see a girl naked once, it’s the same thing every time. But every day its a different pair of underwear to see. Further more its a bit of a tease. Like wrapping paper on a gift you already know what’s inside. I also like the way they show off a girl’s pussy. The mound like look is so sexy to me. Then wet spots are so hott. The girl is so turned on it leaks out and makes her panties wet? So sexy.

Anonymous asked: if you could choose any girl in the world to be your sex slave and do whatever you commanded for one day, who would you choose?

Emma Watson =)

Anonymous asked: Very Nice site. I too, love panties!

Thanks for the kind words stranger =)


The old school cotton undies…   Still cute.


The old school cotton undies… Still cute.

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